Welcome to Berlin! Infoveranstaltung für KCL Studenten am 13.10.2022 + Semester Opening Social

Are you a third-year student on the double-degree program who just transferred from KCL to HU? Then this event is for you! Join our info session next Thursday (13.10.2022) at 4pm for useful information about your upcoming academic year at HU. The info session will be held on the law faculty’s campus, with exact location to be announced soon.

Afterwards – we warmly invite all of your members who are currently in Berlin to join our Semester Opening Social! We can’t wait to catch up over a beer starting with 7pm at Villa Neukölln (Hermannstrasse 233, 12049 Berlin).

Please sign up for the Welcome to Berlin info session and/or the Semester Opening social by dm-ing us or writing an email to Anita Iuhasz. 
See you soon!