Lecture series: „Insights into the Work of an Anglo-German Insurance Lawyer“

On 23rd March we hosted another event as part of our lecture series “Insights into the practice of German and English Legal professionals”. Mirjam Schorr, who is a partner at Kennedys in London, gave us fascinating insights into the work of a dually qualified private international lawyer.

It was amazing to learn more about the different stages of complex cross-border disputes. Particularly interesting were the aspects which are unique to these disputes such as determining which courts have jurisdiction and which laws apply.

After the presentation it was great to have several engaging audience questions regarding issues such as differences in the way English and German lawyers approach legal problems, the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test and the moral component of representing big companies in product liability cases.

Thank you to Mirjam Schorr for delivering such an insightful presentation and then taking the time to answer all of our questions!