Hengeler Mueller Workshop on the 14.03.2021

We warmly invite all our members to our annual AGLS Workshop with Hengeler Mueller taking place on the 14th of April at 5 PM BST. Hengeler Mueller is one of the most renowned commercial law firms in Germany. In this workshop you will be able to gain valuable insight into the workings of their law firm through a presentation, including a case-study, held by a partner at Hengeler Mueller. You will also hear from the Recruitment Team about entry-level opportunities at Hengeler Mueller and will be able to ask questions about the application process. This workshop is the perfect opportunity to build your knowledge about this firm and connect with Hengeler Mueller lawyers and the Recruitment Team! It will also help you in your internship applications in next academic year.

Therefore, make sure to attend our workshop on the 14th of April at 5 PM BST (6 PM CEST). To register for the workshop please send an email with your CV to anita.iuhasz@aglawsoc.org. The CVs will be forwarded to the firm.