Anglo-German Law Society

It is our aim to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue between English and German law students, academics, professionals and universities. The network built, is designated to support the members to learn, to understand and to practice in both legal systems. In particular, the Society‘s community gives our members the opportunity to make contacts in both Germany and England. The Anglo-German Law Society is represented at a growing number of English and German universities and regularly organizes lectures, workshops and pub nights for their members, and also offers exclusive internships at our partners‘ law firms.

Special thanks to our partners who have supported and who continue to support us to achieve our goals and to further the Society‘s network.  

We appreciate your interest and hope to welcome you soon as member of our network.

Your Anglo-German Law Society


In our study centre members are able to find answers to questions in relation to studying within Great Britain. This includes details on financing your course as well as information on the application process. In our forums members are supporting each during their stay abroad. Our academic partners are inviting members to talks about the Master of Law (LL.M) and other Postgraduate Programs. With our LinkPool  we are offering a collection of free links to Websites relating to LL.M programs.


In our Careers Centre we are offering our members a great variety of internships within Germany and Great Britain. The application process is via the Marketplace of the Society. Moreover, our partners are offering insights into the daily professional life within both countries by hosting workshops and informal events.


The Society is orgainising workshops and lectures on topics relating to English, German as well as European Law. For this purpose we are regularly inviting Academics, Professionals and Polticians to London, Berlin and our other locations.


Every three months the socitey is publishing a Journal named Anglo-German Law Journal. It contains articles on law related issues as well as summaries of important Court Judgements of German, English and European Courts. The journal is avaialbe free of charge to all members. From 2013 onwards the Anglo-German Law Journal will be rounded up by an introduction series into English Law.




Our Partners

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